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Armed with a law degree and an entrepreneurial legacy, Nicole became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of her own company. Having grown up immersed in her grandmother’s dry cleaning business, Nicole learned firsthand what it takes to be successful as a business owner. She understands hard work, discipline, and dedication. Nicole operates her business with a spirit of excellence and a mindset to make a difference in her clients’ lives.

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Nicole is a dynamic and versatile speaker who will deliver a tailored presentation to any audience. Her renowned academic background and deep repertoire of corporate and faith-based experience make Nicole an outstanding choice for your next event.

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I look forward to helping establish a new vision for your future and uncovering the joys of making it happen.

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“Next Level Ready” – If you’re ready to go to the next level in your life; personally, professionally, and spiritually, then Coach/Mentor Nicole Sherron Mason IS the Coach for you. Nicole is there to coach you from mediocrity to mainstream. She helped to facilitate my transition. I’m living my next-level-best-life, personally, professionally, and spiritually, as a result of working with Coach/Mentor Nicole!

L.S. – Minister, Coach, Entrepreneur, Senior Executive

It is with pleasure that I recommend Elder Nicole Mason’s Mentorship. I had the privilege of working one on one with her for six months. She provided personal, honest, and thoughtful consideration. She challenged me to consider my options and encouraged me with my decision. I appreciate her prayerful and wise counsel and recommend her to you.

M.S. – First Lady, Entrepreneur, Educator

Nicole adds value to the lives of individuals by seeing clearly through their pain and distractions. She helped me during one of the most difficult times in my life. A divorce is a terrible, painful, and traumatic experience. Even as I was making the decision to take control of my life, she never told me what to do. She carefully counseled and questioned me, so that I could understand that I had all the power and fortitude I needed to step out on faith and chart my own course. I would talk with Nicole during the evenings, and she never judged me! She never made me feel less than, and she certainly never let me wallow in pity. (Lord knows, I wanted to). I am grateful for her impact! Because of her coaching and mentoring, I make wiser decisions, and I will never forget her famous words to me: “Let the chips fall where they may…” I have not been afraid of falling chips ever since that day…

B.L. – Minister, Academic Dean

Nicole masterfully helps others to analyze their spiritual gifts and make it work for their good. She helped me to not only analyze my gift, but she helped me to turn my pain into purpose when my son was incarcerated. Nicole encouraged me to give back to troubled youth and take my gifts further with teaching them life skills and nurturing in a way that comes very natural to me. Because of her being able to see my gifts and to help me birth them, today I am a Youth Counselor working with trouble teens. Since 2017, I have been teaching the youth life skills from a curriculum I wrote in 2014. The curriculum includes 80 topics that I read to Nicole, during our coaching sessions. I have been able to turn my pain into purpose.

D.M. – Youth Advocate, Entrepreneur, Mid-Level Career Professional

When I think of Leadership, I always reflect on Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Practices. One of the Practices is “encouraging the heart.” That is what I think is one of your strengths: your acts of caring for others, showing compassion and empathy. You use your time and energy to send cards and notes to lift people’s spirit and to let them know they are cared for.

D.F. – Entrepreneur

When leading the meetings and training sessions, your positivity constantly inspired me (and others) to strive harder and to enjoy life (work and personal) to the fullest. I find your communication and leadership skills especially beneficial given the fact that the events have both local and remote participants. You always made sure that folks via the internet, conference call or in person were able to participate and ask questions. Also you always made sure that everyone feels welcome and that their involvement is appreciated.

E.S. – Senior Executive

You helped me to see the skills that I already have to make a difference. You have given me the confidence to speak up for what I believe in and to stay focused on the task at hand.

G.M. – Native American Employee

You are unapologetically AUTHENTIC. You are who you are no matter the context (professional or personal) or in whose company. You say what other people won’t say even though they are thinking it. LOL Your resolve and courage to consistently maintain “your presence/posture” based on your beliefs is admirable. I have witnessed you STAND UP AND SPEAK UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! Your commitment to be accountable and hold others accountable to what is just speaks to your “integrity muscle,” which is solid. If I am going into battle, I want YOU on my side! Advocacy is definitely one of your strengths.

VJ – Minister, Spiritual Leader, Coach, Entrepreneur, Author


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Washington, DC 20018

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